David and Honey

We’d like to introduce you to David and Honey. They are available now for adoption in NSW and ACT. We deliver to your home and settle them into their new environment.
Two-year-old David is a big boy with a big presence, we call him Alpha Dave. He’s brash but he’s also a sweetheart who looks after his girls.
David’s companion is 14-month-old Honey, who is a sweet and quiet girl.
David is desexed and Honey is not.
This bonded pair would be best suited to an indoor enclosure (4×2 panel minimum/140x70cm) – a panelled system which can be purchased online for A$50 or you could use a C&C style enclosure. If you wanted to purchase a secure outdoor run for grass time when the weather is suitable, that would be a bonus!
If you’re interested in adopting this lovely pair, just complete our expression of interest form and we’ll get straight back to you, or send us a message here on Facebook:
Thank you xxx 🐹🐹🐹💓
Adoption fee: $90
Liberty Foundation

Liberty Foundation (Aust) Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate the release, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from research establishments in Australia in order that they may live out the course of their natural lives free from research and scientific experimentation.