For research establishments

While ad hoc and informal rehoming has been taking place at Australian research establishments for some time, there is now a way to safely and successfully rehome more animals by partnering with a dedicated rehoming organisation such as Liberty Foundation.

Liberty Foundation only works with ex-research animals and has an initial focus on animals that require rehoming as domestic pets or companions. For example, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats, to name a few. It does this by working closely with research establishments and their animal ethics committee and management.

We use a comprehensive rehoming agreement which is ratified by both the charity and the research establishment that wishes to rehome animals under the agreement. The rehoming agreement is a contract which transfers ownership of the animal/s to Liberty Foundation and which addresses issues related to confidentiality and responsibilities of both parties.

We are interested in discussing rehoming needs with any establishments licensed to use animals for scientific purposes in any state or territory. You can contact us via the contact page or call us on 0404 088 501.

When animals are rehomed by Liberty Foundation they may spend some time in a sanctuary or foster home environment where a transitional period is deemed beneficial. Where they can be rehomed directly they are taken from the research establishment directly to their new homes.

Adopters of animals are screened and the proposed home environment of the animals checked for long-term suitability. Adopters are required to sign an adoption agreement which records the time of the adoption, the adopter’s contact details and outlines the ongoing responsibilities of the adopter.

If you would like us to meet with your animal ethics committee or management to discuss the process of rehoming further, contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Liberty Foundation

Liberty Foundation (Aust) Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate the release, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from research establishments in Australia in order that they may live out the course of their natural lives free from research and scientific experimentation.