Guinea pigs

We’re mad about our piggies!

The little guinea pigs we receive at Liberty Foundation – released from research establishments – come from a range of backgrounds. They are all individuals with their own histories, personalities and needs. They are generally cheeky little ones who are quite young when they come to us and transition well to life outside the research establishment. They are ready for the next stage in their lives in the community and many have gone on to become treasured pets and companions.…

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Road to freedom for guinea pig boys

  A group of nine young guinea pig boys were rehomed by Liberty Foundation Australia recently – taken from their early life in a research establishment, to living a free-range existence on a farm in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. “To say it’s a life beyond their wildest dreams would be an understatement,” says Liberty Foundation founder Paula Wallace. “Our work is all about giving animals the space and time to be themselves, to form meaningful bonds…

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Liberty Foundation

Liberty Foundation (Aust) Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate the release, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from research establishments in Australia in order that they may live out the course of their natural lives free from research and scientific experimentation.