This is the first post from me, writing on behalf of Liberty Foundation. My name is Paula Wallace, I am a writer and journalist from Sydney.

I was spurred to start a not-for-profit offering rehoming options for animals from research about two years ago. Since that time I have been using all the spare time I have available to research and talk to people with experience in the fields of research, policy making and animal advocacy in this area.

In 2016, I completed a whitepaper on the need for an industry and government supported ‘Liberty’ movement in Australia which would involve funding a centralised facility for animals coming out of research that are able to achieve good quality of life. Initiating an industry-led enterprise will be one of the activities of Liberty Foundation.

In the meantime, there is a need to provide accommodation and rehoming for animals right now. We are developing a network of existing sanctuaries that are able to care for animals coming from research and also members of the public who are willing to foster or adopt.

Right now there is just a small team of part-time volunteers and many, many people who support what Liberty Foundation is all about. If you are interested in getting involved in anyway, please get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.