We all want the best for our little mouse friends and at Liberty Foundation we have adopted naturalistic enclosures, which provide the ultimate in space, security, comfort and most of all fun for mice and humans.

In this video we show you how easy it is to set up one of these enclosures using an IKEA Detolf glass cabinet. They have since discontinued this model but you can still buy them second-hand. This design would also work using the new model from IKEA, called the Blaliden.

You just assemble the glass unit using the instructions from IKEA, just don’t use the door or shelves.

We make our own lids for this enclosure using basic tools and construction methods. This isn’t the only way to make a lid and there are some great ideas online showing how mouse owners have adapted this cabinet.

We should also say, we’re not builders. Our lids may not be beautifully constructed but they do work. The idea is to create two well-fitting lids that don’t have leave any gaps between the glass sides and the lids. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

After you have the unit and the lids assembled it’s time for the fun part, putting in all the bit and pieces that will keep your mice busy and stimulated.

We use hemp fibre bedding as the base of the enclosure, we put in a fairly deep layer to give the mice the opportunity to dig and nest. This is a fantastic product which absorbs moisture well and also odour. We only need to fully clean out our enclosures once a month and can house up to eight mice using the Detolf cabinet.

What’s great about this unit is the internal metal frame which means you can attach ropes, ladders, hammocks and other aerial equipment to allow the mice the best use of the vertical space.

You can use all kinds of stuff to create underground nesting areas, connected with a network of tunnels. We are always on the look-out for anything that could be repurposed for mice. We attach water bottles using adhesive Velcro strips. Just avoid attaching anything using sticky tape as the mice can get stuck on it.

The same concept works for other kinds of enclosures like large fish tanks. We have also used another smaller unit from IKEA called the Baggebo, which we use to house groups of up to four mice.

The main consideration is that there is plenty of space to run and there is adequate ventilation. The whole enclosure should have good air flow to enable any odour to escape and plenty of fresh air to breathe.

We now rehome all our mice in these naturalistic enclosures. We provide a package to adopters for $200 (using a Detolf or Blaliden system) and $150 (using a Baggebo system). We bring the mice with their enclosure, lids bedding and all equipment. We set up the enclosure and show you how to maintain it.

You’ll have hours of fun watching these little guys, running, playing, digging and climbing all night. The upfront investment is good value for money – the units last for years and save you a lot of time in cleaning.

Please visit our Animals Available page for details on our animals available for adoption.