Every year that I’m able to work rehoming animals from research establishments is a ‘great year’. But this year was ‘extra’ great. We were able to upgrade our presence online and start fundraising and accepting members – a critical milestone. We were able to extend our reach and work with wonderful volunteer foster carers and adopters. Most importantly, we were able to rehome nearly 90 animals over the course of the year including rats, mice, guinea pigs and one dog.

When progress seems slow, sometimes it helps to get a broader perspective. When I look back over the year that has passed, I can see the importance of the work we have done.

Without the existence of Liberty Foundation, many of the animals we rehomed would have been euthanised. And, I can tell you that they have big personalities and big lives to lead after coming out of research establishments.

For example, the small but almighty Banjo may be well known to some of you. This adorable rat boy featured in our videos in early 2020, to help keep people’s spirits up during the COVID-19 crisis – he is leading a charmed life and enjoying every moment with his 13-year-old devoted human companion Grace.

Our beloved first dog Buddy is also thriving. Having come from a research establishment after nine years, Buddy transitioned incredibly well to living in the community. He is well known in his neighbourhood and is happy to walk to work everyday with his owner, becoming a valued member of the team and bringing joy to everyone he meets.

During the year we also started relationships with some new research establishments and are currently talking about how we can work together and what needs their animals may have in order to make a successful transition as cherished pets.

Much has been achieved since the idea for Liberty Foundation was conceived in 2016, and our annual update document and the video below outline the key moments in the charity’s development. Most notably, research and contact building has been invaluable in envisioning a way forward for the organisation that is sustainable. That vision is contained within our first business plan, which was completed recently and covers the year 2020-21.

We are poised for a big year in 2020-21, notwithstanding natural disasters and global pandemics! We plan to have our official launch in the first half of 2021, so stay tuned for more details on that. During the course of the year we want to scale up the activities of Liberty Foundation in order to deliver as much as possible on our primary aim: to facilitate the release of animals from research establishments and to provide them with suitable, safe and loving homes.

We appreciate your ongoing support and would like to give special acknowledgement to the research establishments that work with us and our foster carers, adopters and directors – thank you all.

Paula Wallace
Director and founder

You can download a copy of our annual update here.