We’re so thrilled to share with you that we won our category at this year’s Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards. We were chosen from a field of four contenders in the category of Outstanding New Rescue Group.

Myself and the two other directors, Michelle and Carol, got together in Sydney to watch the awards ceremony which was conducted this year as a live Facebook event.

As part of our prize we have won $1,000, some free pet travel with Jetpets and a range of great animal supplies. Thank you to the award organisers and sponsors.

But most of all we’d like to thank our friends and supporters, we really could not do the work we do without your care and support.

As an expression of our appreciation we have made this little video which provides an insight into the wild and free lives of animals after they come out of research. It also shows the love and care shown by our foster carers and adopters, who share their lives and homes with these beautiful creatures.

You can watch the video on Facebook or YouTube.

There are literally millions of animals used for research and scientific purposes in Australia each year, across a wide range of species from livestock, to natives and companion animals. They are used in a range of settings such as universities, hospitals, agriculture, medical and veterinary research and government facilities.

While its difficult to ascertain how many animals might be suitable for rehoming from the millions used each year for scientific and research purposes, it is estimated that there may be around 1,000 dogs and 500 cats each year in New South Wales, along with thousands of smaller animals.

To date, Liberty Foundation has rehomed one dog as well as numerous rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish.

We know that well go on to rehome many, many more.

The most valuable thing you can do to support animals coming out of research is to talk about rehoming to your colleagues, friends and family and share our posts on social media – it really does make a difference. The person you tell may become our next adopter!

Julius and his friend Starlight