This week is a very special one, a time that is close to our hearts here at Liberty Foundation: it’s World Laboratory Animal Week (24-30 April).

This week we pause to think about the lives of animals in research and science and consider what options they have when their time in research comes to an end. In the past, their options were limited. Now, they have a safe haven with the support of our foster carers and adopters and of course our donors.

We’re asking for your help to raise the funds we need to operate for another year. We rely solely on donations and paid memberships to continue our work and all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

You can make a contribution by credit card to our fundraising appeal or a donation via PayPal here.

You can also make a deposit into our bank account, just email us for details – – or you can mail a cheque to: Liberty Foundation Australia, PO Box 22, Ourimbah NSW 2258.

Alternatively you can make a bid at our Great Quilt Auction. All proceeds will go towards our fundraising appeal. You can bid online for any of our original handmade animal quilts!

Wendy and Princess

A bit more about where your donations go…

There are literally thousands of animals who could find a home in the community that are still being euthanised in research facilities throughout Australia. We provide homes for around 100-150 of these animals each year, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and fish.
Of course, we wish we could do more. But as a small charity we focus on the big wins. We celebrate the life of every animal who comes through our doors, we know we’re providing the gateway to a new life. We focus on providing the highest quality care to our animals in foster and really take the time to match our animals with the most suitable adoptive homes.

Thanks to your support, we have rehomed more than 600 animals from research since we started back in 2017.
Animals like Princess who was rehomed with Wendy and is relishing her life as a treasured companion. She has her best friend from the research facility, Trudi, by her side as they take their daily walks, play outdoors and nap together on the lounge!

If you have ever thought about the fate of animals used in research and wanted to support them, please consider giving what you can. You can also volunteer with us as a foster carer or offer your services in other ways. Just visit the “Get Involved” page of our website today.

Trudi and Princess

This year we have something a bit different for our supporters. We know how passionate many of you are about your animal companions, so we’re offering some beautiful handmade quilted blankets for auction. If you’re a dog or cat lover, rat fancier or a guinea pig mum or dad, there’s something on offer for everyone. Visit our Great Quilt Auction page for more information and best of luck!

Thank you so much for your support!

Paula Wallace
Founder, Liberty Foundation