Rehoming animals from research


There is an alternative for animals at the end of research

For research establishments

We work with research establishments in Australia to organise the rehoming of animals at the conclusion of research. Activities have focused on NSW and ACT to date but we can create capacity where there is a demand in any state or territory.

For everyone

For adopters and fosterers

Please join our community of people interested in fostering/adopting animals, who understand and appreciate the special character of animals from research and want to provide a safe and nurturing home.

For volunteers

We are just getting started and need the help of everyone that shares our values and may have a skill to volunteer such as IT, accounting, marketing or animal handling. Sign up as a volunteer today.

HUHA shows how it’s done, successfully rehoming 33 beagles from research

A remarkable event occurred in New Zealand in 2011: 33 beagles were released from a scientific research facility that all went on to be placed in suitable ‘forever’ homes with people in the community. Oh, except one. Doris came back due to no fault of her own, after trying out a few homes, and it was then that sanctuary founder Carolyn Press-McKenzie realised this beagle was determined to become the ‘poster child’ of the rehoming movement. She became a permanent…

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EXPLAINER: How many dogs and cats used in research could be rehomed? [2015-16 figures]

The short answer is, that we don’t really know. This question cannot be answered accurately with the information that is currently publically available. However, we do know that there are hundreds of organisations licensed to use animals for research and scientific purposes in Australia, and there are dogs and cats (as well as many other species) that could be rehomed that are currently euthanised at the conclusion of research. The long answer is that we can use the available data…

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Liberty movement growing globally

With legislation for mandatory rehoming of dogs and cats from research establishments being passed in several US jurisdictions, the movement is spreading to other countries. Another state in the USA has passed legislation that makes it mandatory for research establishments receiving public funding to provide a rehoming option for dogs and cats at the conclusion of research. On 25 August, the Beagle Freedom Project in the USA, reported that Illinois has become the sixth state to pass the legislation, known…

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Welcome to Liberty Foundation

This is the first post from me, writing on behalf of Liberty Foundation. My name is Paula Wallace, I am a writer and journalist from Sydney. I was spurred to start a not-for-profit offering rehoming options for animals from research about two years ago. Since that time I have been using all the spare time I have available to research and talk to people with experience in the fields of research, policy making and animal advocacy in this area. In…

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Liberty Foundation

Liberty Foundation (Aust) Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate the release, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from research establishments in Australia in order that they may live out the course of their natural lives free from research and scientific experimentation.