Rehoming animals from research
There is an alternative for animals at the end of research

For research establishments

We work with research establishments in Australia to organise the rehoming of animals at the conclusion of research. Activities have focused on NSW and ACT to date but we can create capacity where there is a demand in any state or territory.

For everyone

For adopters and fosterers

Please join our community of people interested in fostering/adopting animals, who understand and appreciate the special character of animals from research and want to provide a safe and nurturing home.

For volunteers

We are just getting started and need the help of everyone that shares our values and may have a skill to volunteer such as IT, accounting, marketing or animal handling. Sign up as a volunteer today.

Thank you PetRescue!

A big thank you to two teams in the recent Pet Rescue Hackathon who generously donated their prize money to Liberty Foundation

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We won, we won!

We’re so thrilled to share with you that we won our category at this year’s Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards. We were chosen from a field of four contenders in the category of Outstanding New Rescue Group. Myself and the two other directors, Michelle and Carol, got together in Sydney to watch the awards ceremony which was conducted this year as a live Facebook event. As part of our prize we have won $1,000, some free pet travel with Jetpets…

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We’re mad about our piggies!

The little guinea pigs we receive at Liberty Foundation – released from research establishments – come from a range of backgrounds. They are all individuals with their own histories, personalities and needs. They are generally cheeky little ones who are quite young when they come to us and transition well to life outside the research establishment. They are ready for the next stage in their lives in the community and many have gone on to become treasured pets and companions.…

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The story so far…

Every year that I’m able to work rehoming animals from research establishments is a ‘great year’. But this year was ‘extra’ great. We were able to upgrade our presence online and start fundraising and accepting members – a critical milestone. We were able to extend our reach and work with wonderful volunteer foster carers and adopters. Most importantly, we were able to rehome nearly 90 animals over the course of the year including rats, mice, guinea pigs and one dog.…

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New Zealand gets onboard with rehoming

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society has been campaigning for mandatory rehoming of animals from research since its major action in 2017 run in collaboration with ‘no kill’ animal shelter Helping you help animals (HUHA). Thousands of animals are euthanised after being used for research, testing and teaching in New Zealand each year. Executive director of NZAVS Tara Jackson told Liberty Foundation that after lobbying and awareness-raising, New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries announced that it was going to actively start…

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Liberty Foundation

Liberty Foundation (Aust) Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate the release, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from research establishments in Australia in order that they may live out the course of their natural lives free from research and scientific experimentation.